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About Us

Family-Owned and Operated Properties That Put You First

What makes a great home? We believe it’s the perfect combination of matching your lifestyle, supporting your needs, responding quickly to maintenance requests and financial questions, and maintaining a high degree of integrity each and every day.

At PSPM Inc. Rentals, we’ve got the mix down perfectly. With something for every renter, our family-owned and operated houses put you first. Because we own and maintain our own properties, we don’t have to answer to outside investors. The takeaway? You’re the only one that matters.

We live by the idea that we can find the perfect home and the perfect fit for any residence, whether you’re single or part of a family, looking for budget-friendly or upscale homes, or searching in Richmond of Winchester. Care to put us to the test? Just get in touch today to learn more and start living better.

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